Light up !

There are times that you want to expand, and when you do you'll have to opt for something sturdy in my opinion.
When the parcel arrived it became clear that what I ordered was somewhat sturdier as I thought...
At least the contraption is easy to move with the wheels that came attached to it...
Like a Luxo (Pixars lamp) on steroids the tripod with boom arm is staring at me. 


You want to make sure such a tripod is stable, certainly when you are extending or turning the center of gravity.
Aside from the weight at the end of the boom I added a special sand bag on the base of the tripod which creates some extra stability.
But what to use when filling a sandbag?
Sand springs to mind ofcourse, but I opted for cat litter.
While te double zipper prevents leakage I minimized this risk by replacing the sand for a larger grain.
Ofcourse you are free to fill the bags with whatever you want but keep the maximum weight of the bag in mind when you do so.  

Now let's see if I can test drive this baby somewhere in december...

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