Post apocalyptic shootout

Dusk settles over the land and unspeakable dangers lurk in the scorched plains.  You'd better be prepared for the evil spawns awaiting their chance to strike.....

Along with make up artist Thamar and models Daphne, Garis and Marijn we let our creativity explore last weekend.
This particular kind of shoot was on my mind for a long time and finally I've found the time and space to carry out this production.
The main goal for me was to experiment with colored gels during a shoot with multiple off-camera speedlights.

The preparations didn't involve much work because I've collected quite a lot of junk during the years in my fantasy and sci-fi collectors spree.
The basis of the costumes consisted of black trousers and boots and on top of that as much accessories and undefined junk as we possibly could muster.
A post apocalyptic look is quickly archieved in that way.

Many thanks go out to Thamar and ofcourse Daphne, Garis and Marijn for their enthousiasm and patience.

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Materials used in this setup:

Fuji XT-1 with 23mm f/1.4
2x Neewer 47" Octabox with blue gels
1x Simple Paper Lantern with yellow gel
1x bare strobe (background)


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